Saturday, 8 September 2012

Aftermath of GSoC

Ok, so GSoC is over, I passed and a few things has happened since then:

Some games had issues with interlaced PNGs and TGAs, this should be less of an issue, as I posted pull-requests for using libpng (instead of the internal variation that was in use before), as well as a TGA-loader, both of which have been accepted and merged now. (This means that Five Magical Amulets and Five Lethal Demons now atleast start).

The Wintermute-engine was opened as a pull-request, which after some adjustment and discussion, ended up getting merged into the master-branch for ScummVM. This means that the Wintermute-engine is available in the latest daily builds, although it is still marked as unstable, and no specific games are officially supported at this point. (BUT, from personal experience atleast Dirty Split and Chivalry is not Dead should be completable). The development of the engine will continue there instead of in my own fork.

Speaking of which, I am now joining the ScummVM-team as a developer, to continue working on the Wintermute-engine (and hopefully getting a few games release-worthy). The road ahead for Wintermute isn't short, as there are plenty of bugs left to squash, and plenty of performance left to improve upon, so I guess I'll have my hands full for a while longer.

So, if you want to try out the results of this summer's work, go ahead and grab a daily build if you are on Windows, or build your own if you are on OS X or Linux.

Oh, and while I won't be accepting bug-reports for specific games for a while yet, feel free to send me detection-entries for the multitude of games I haven't gotten around to adding yet.

Einar Johan


  1. I just want to say thank you for all your work and for your detailed posts about it.

  2. Excellent work and congratulations!